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Reggie - Wayne (Reggie Wayne) has spent nearly 15 years in the league, but in the New England Patriots to start a new career, let him have a different feeling. "It's like rookies," Wayne expressed Boston media. "They gave me a lot of the ball pass. I do not have much time to sleep. I feel like a rookie again." Wayne research efforts Patriots offensive tactics, their tactics for wide receiver demanding. Patriots offensive requirements are based on the opponent defense took over the group of people to make their own arrangement of the offensive decisions, veteran wide receiver Chad - Johnson (Chad Johnson) has been difficult to thoroughly understand such tactics. In contrast, Wayne is one of the league's most comprehensive investment in players.

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Wayne once seemed hard to stay in the 53-man squad, but Julian - Edelman (Julian Edelman) can not be guaranteed due to the leg injury to play the season opener. Brandon - Rafael (Brandon LaFell) is true, he is being treated for a foot injury and aggravated the injury is still possible to start a new season because of injury not play list. We never worried about the Patriots, each year no matter what obstacles they can find the state. Even so, he said the wide receiver position in their obvious lack of offensive players, which makes Wayne when entering September's become a notable player the Patriots.

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Johnny - Man Zeer (Johnny Manziel) will not participate in the rest of the preseason. Man Zeer sore right elbow will allow him to face the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in absentia end of preseason, but Cleveland coach Mike Brown - Peiting (Mike Pettine) said it was considering the game against the Chicago Bears in the final preseason game rapid staff rotation, he believes Man Zeer will also missed that game. represents the original plan is face piracy game starters in the second quarter and played half of the game against the Bears in the game. "You can not make up for those playing time," Pei Ting said. "He'll lose that real game experience, but we are very satisfied with his current state. If we really think, 'Hey, he needs to play and get those playing experience,' then it would be our plan would have to do But we just feel in the new season, which will be a long year, so we have to look ahead, let him sidelined the rest of the preseason, to ensure that when we went to New York to attend the season opener he was able to recover a hundred percent. " represents the original idea was to give Man Zeer "meaningful playing time" in the final two preseason games, but the team would rather careful with his arm rather than aggravate the injury. After the game against the Pirates at a time when the team will decide Man Zeer ball exercises can be performed. Pei Ting said the decision depends on the team doctor and trainer. Peiting Man Zeer said the team did not protest the decision. "I think he was disappointed that he could not play," Pei Ting said. "He was disappointed with himself to this point."